• Hot sale barite powder

    Hot sale barite powder


    1. Circulating mud weighting agent in rotary drilling of oil and gas wells cools the bit, takes away the cut debris, lubricates the drill pipe, seals the hole wall, controls the oil and gas pressure and prevents the oil well from flowing out. 

    2. Chemical production of barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium sulfate, lithopone, barium hydroxide, barium oxide and other barium compounds. These barium compounds are widely used in reagent, catalyst, sugar refining, textile, fire protection, various fireworks, coagulant of synthetic rubber, plastic, insecticide, surface quenching of steel, fluorescent powder, fluorescent lamp, solder, oil additive, etc

    3. Glass deoxidizer, clarifier and flux increase the optical stability, luster and strength of glass

    4. Rubber, plastic, paint filler, brightener and weighting agent

    5. Pave materials to press the buried pipelines in the marsh area to extend the service life of the pavement

    6. X-ray diagnosis drugs


    Barite powder, also known as barium sulfate powder, has a chemical composition of BaSO4, and its crystal belongs to orthorhombic (rhombic) system of sulfate minerals. It is usually in the form of thick plate or columnar crystals, mostly compact block or plate like, granular aggregate. When it is pure, it is colorless and transparent. When it contains impurities, it is dyed into various colors. The stripes are white and the glass is glossy. It is transparent to translucent. Specific gravity 3.5-4.5.




  • Barite powder

    Barite powder

    Plate crystal, small hardness, near right angle intersection of complete cleavage, high density, non foaming in the presence of hydrochloric acid.

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