Asbestos cement products have high bending and tensile strength and can be made into thin-walled products; they also have many advantages such as corrosion resistance, impermeability, good frost resistance and heat resistance, and easy mechanical processing. Its main disadvantage is low impact strength; asbestos fiber in asphalt can increase the softening temperature of asphalt and reduce its brittleness at low temperatures. Asbestos asphalt products can be used as waterproof, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, embedded filling, insulation, and resistance to buildings. Alkali and other materials.


Asbestos thermal insulation products. For example, asbestos is often used as an insulation layer on the outer wall and ducts of the boiler, which can improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler; heat insulation of steam equipment can reduce the temperature of the workshop; the use of asbestos insulation for refrigeration equipment can improve the refrigeration effect; it is used for vehicles, ships and other vehicles The heat insulation of the boiler room will not increase the temperature of the carriage or cabin.


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