roduct Description:

Cenosphere, sometimes called microsphere, is a light weight, inert, hollow sphere made largely

of silica and alumina and filled with air or inert gas., typically produced as a byproduct of coal

combustion at thermal power plants. The color varies from gray to almost white and their den

sity is about 0.6–0.9 g/cm³, all these property give it a widely application for insulation,refract

ory,oil drilling,coating,construction use.

Cenosphere Specification:
SiO2: 50-55%
Al2O3: 28-33%
SO2: 0.1-0,2%
CaO: 0.2-0.4%
K2O: 0.5-1.1%

Product Applications:

1), Chemicals/Coating/Painting — Provide measuring tool in biology and drug research, besides added to paints

and epoxies to modify viscosity and buoyancy ;

2), Plastics — Used to decrease material density (glass and polymer);

3), Ceramics — Used to create porous ceramics used for filters;

4), Cosmetics — Used to hide wrinkles and give color;

5), Electronic paper — Dual Functional microspheres used in Gyricon electronic paper

6), Insulation — expandable polymer microspheres are used for thermal insulation and sound dampening.

7), Retroreflective — added on top of paint used on roads and signs to increase night visibility of road


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