Colored sand for stone coating Natural Sand for Terrazzo floor aggregate.
Natural color sand is made of marble or granite ore through selection, crushing, grinding, grading and packaging processes.

Colored sand is made of locally produced marble and granite as raw materials, and the raw materials are crushed, crushed, and washed; Specializing in the production of extra-fine colored sand, dyed colored sand, the fine sand has a variety of colors, fine and uniform, and the color is gorgeous. A variety of colors are available. Colored sand can be used for weddings, hourglasses, decoration, artistic sand paintings, and children’s entertainment. If a large amount of
users contact customer service, they can get discounts.
Variety: natural colored sand, dye colored sand , decorative colored sand.

Natural Color sand Feature
1.The sand has wear-resisting, waterproof, anti-corrosion, non-toxic, cohesive force strong color gorgeous, etc.
2.Colored sand never fade.
3.Strength, odourless, landscaping, anti-skid, wear-resisting, acid and alkali resistant and so on.
4.Colored sand production advanced spray coating, is non-toxic, tasteless, bright luster, tonal downy, stereo sense is strong etc.
colored sand for stone coating Natural Sand for Terrazzo floor aggregate
All kinds of color epoxy floor,construction coating,waterproof membrane,color sand painting and upscale handicraft and so on.
1.Construction, man-made tile, ceramic tile, texture stone coating, carving etc.
2.Colored sand can be used to produce marble, floor tile, ceramic tile
3.Colored sand can be used to make inner and outer wall stone painting, coating etc, the coating material made from natural color
sand characterizes nontoxic, odorless, soft color, vivid etc.
4.Colored sand can be used it to make sand art, play sand for children or used as constrution materials to decorate your house.

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