The global activated bleaching earth market appreciated by USD 2.35 billion in 2014. It is estimated that it will develop at a considerable compound annual growth rate during the forecast period. Activated clay is a kind of earthen product, which is composed of montmorillonite, bentonite and attapulgite resources. It is also considered to be activated bleaching clay or bleaching clay. This creation preserves aluminum and silica in its normal form.
It is expected that the growth of vegetable oil and fat production in developing markets in the Asia-Pacific region and Central and South America will become the fundamental driving factor for the activated clay market higher than the forecast period. It is widely used in the bleaching and purification of edible fats and oils. The most important demand comes from Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, China and Indonesia. The favorable rules and strategies of the governments of these countries ensure an optimistic influence on market progress.
The increase in the yield of oil crops per acre and technological advancements in the production process provide an important impetus for the production of vegetable oils and fats. The increasing demand for biofuels caused by vegetable oils is also one of the issues that has prompted the industry to demand activated clay, mainly in industrialized countries.
The activated clay market from application types may cover lubricants and mineral oils, edible oils and fats. The breakdown of edible oils and fats is the most important part of the application, with a passing capacity of more than 5.0 million tons during 2014. The development of the application sector is driven by the growth of vegetable oil production. The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] and the World Health Organization [WHO] have approved the use of food-grade mineral oil for food preparation, which is expected to stimulate the mineral oil market in the industrialized markets of Europe and North America.
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In terms of intake, profit, market share and development percentage in these regions, the activated clay industry from regional sources may span North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central and South America, and the Middle East and Africa during the forecast period.
Geographically, the active bleaching earth market in the Asia-Pacific region guided international business in 2014 with a demand share of more than 60%. This development is expected to escalate due to increased manufacturing volume and increased intake of edible oil. Fat from Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, China and India.
Indonesia and Malaysia are the largest vegetable oil producers. Activated bleaching earth is widely used to treat and purify edible oil. It is expected that the progress of oilseed harvest production in these countries will have an optimistic impact on this market. Central and South America is a vegetable oil hub for countries such as Brazil and Argentina. It is estimated that this will increase the progress of the activated white clay industry.
The development of the Middle East and Africa is affected by the production of edible fats and oils in countries such as South Africa and Turkey. However, the development of lubricating oil and mineral oil manufacturing segmentation is also expected to stimulate the demand for activated clay in this field.
The statement revised the intake of activated clay on the market; especially in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central and South America, and the Middle East and Africa. It focuses on top companies operating in these regions. Some important companies operating in this field include the U.S. Oil-Dry Corporation, Korvi Activated Earth, Shenzhen Aoheng Technology Co., Ltd., Clariant International AG, Musim Mas Holdings, Ashapura Perfoclay Limited, AMC (UK) Limited, BASF SE, and Taiko Group of Companies.
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