It is divided into three categories: coarse, medium and detailed. The coarse mesh is black red, the middle mesh is light red, and the fine mesh is red and white. The grain size of each mesh is uniform, and the grain shape is uniform. It is called angular crystal with sharp edges and high grinding force.

For grinding marble and other soft materials in stone industry.

Glass industry grinds glass burrs, television picture tubes, optical instruments, lenses, prisms, clock glass, etc.

Metal industrial sandblasting, derusting, grinding. The printing industry grinds the offset plate, and the light industry processes the plastic sample, the leather, the sandpaper and so on uses.

The grinding force of natural corundum is slightly lower than that of electric furnace white corundum, but its toughness is strong, and it has the characteristics of shell-like segment. Its advantages are high smoothness of grinding parts, less and shallow sand marks. The grinding surface is fine and uniform, which can improve the product quality, which is the unique feature of this product. Natural emery has short grinding time, high efficiency and low price, which can make up for the shortage of short service life.


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