Diatomite is deposited by the remains of single-celled aquatic algae under certain geological conditions. Diatomite is
characterized by porosity, large specific surface area, low density, good adsorption, acid resistance and heat resistance. The filter aid produced by our company is made of diatomaceous earth as raw material through drying, crushing, mixing, calcination, air air separation, classification and other processes. Its function is to separate solid and liquid from liquid and to clarify filtrate.
Diatomite industrial fillers are used in pesticide industry: wettable powder, dry land herbicide, paddy field herbicide and
various biological pesticides.
Advantages of using diatomite: PH value neutral, non-toxic, suspension performance, strong adsorption performance, bulk weight light, oil absorption rate of 115%, fineness in 325 mesh —500 mesh, mixing uniformity is good, when used will not block the agricultural machinery pipeline, in the soil can play a moisturizing, loose soil, extend the time of efficacy and fertilizer effect, promote the growth of crops.

Using of diatomite filter aids:
1. Condiment: monosodium glutamate, soy, vinegar, salad oil, colza oil, etc.
2. Beverage: beer, rat fee, yellow wine, fruit juice, wine, beverage syrupy, etc.
3. Pharmaceutical: antibiotic, vitamin, refined traditional Chinese medicine, filling for dentistry, cosmetics, etc.
4. Chemical products: organic acid, mineral acid, alkyd, oil paint, vinylite, etc.
5. Industrial oil products: lubricating oil, additives of lubricating oil, petroleum additive, trussed metal sheet oil,
transformer oil, coal tar, etc.
6. Water treatment: daily waste water, industrial waste water, effluent treatment, swimming pool water, etc.
7. Sugar Industry: fruit syrup, glucose, starch sugar, sucrose, etc.


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