Activated alumina balls have many uses and specifications, which can be summarized into 5 major functions.

Alumina desiccant: It mainly uses the developed pores of activated alumina balls and super strong water vapor absorption capacity. It will not deform or break after absorbing water, and will not cause damage to the equipment. It is widely used in air compressors, dryers and other equipment. Common specifications are 3-5mm 4-6mm.

Alumina support: mainly use the super large pore volume structure and specific surface area of ​​activated alumina balls, and use van der Waals force to absorb the required catalyst solution into the pore volume structure of activated alumina balls, so that the activated alumina balls are impregnated in a special process It has the same function as the catalyst solution. A variety of catalysts can be applied, such as: potassium permanganate solution, organic solution, rare metals, precious metals and other different catalysts, the common specifications are 2-3mm.3-5mm.

Alumina fluoride removal agent: It mainly uses the super pores and super large specific surface area of ​​activated alumina balls. It has good physical adsorption capacity for fluoride and arsenide in the solution. It is non-toxic and harmless and does not affect the drinking of water. Used in groundwater and drinking water defluoridation projects, the common size is 2-3mm.



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