OPR Magnesium Tourmaline Negative Ion Ball for Drinking Water

Type: OPR magnesium ball. tourmaline alkaline ball, maifan health ball, far-infrared ball, tourmaline ion negative ball. Hydrogen-rich ball……

Function: for drinking water, cosmetic product, food product so on.

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There are positive and negative electrodes in the negative ion ball. Once it contacts with water, it can release current in water instantly. This current is the most suitable 0.06MA current for human body. When the water contacts with the weak current, the hydrogen ions and oxyhydrogen ions in the surrounding water molecules are separated. On the one hand, hydrogen ions combine with electrons to form hydrogen, and hydrogen oxygen ions combine with surrounding water molecules to form interface active substances and generate more than 300 times of negative ions.

The negative ion ball can release a large number of cathode negative ions, and its pyroelectricity, piezoelectricity and friction electricity generation performance are very significant. It has a reduction effect, can inhibit the decay of food, the deodorization effect is six times that of activated carbon, can be very far away from infrared ray and promote the new generation of thanks. This effect is semi permanent.

0.5-1.5mm, 2-3mm, 3-4mm, 4-5mm, 5-6mm, 6-7mm, 7-8mm, 8-9mm, 9-10mm.

1. Make the water molecular group smaller, easy to penetrate the cell membrane, increase cell activity, and increase human immunity.
2. Eliminate peculiar smell and residual chlorine of water, eliminate harmful substances and carcinogens.
3. The water quality is weak and alkaline, which is conducive to the acid-base balance and nutrition balance of human body.
4. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other trace elements and various minerals required by human body.
5. High conductivity, low oxidation-reduction potential (OPR), promote digestion, prevent aging, and benefit longevity.
6. Under any conditions such as sunshine, temperature and pressure, the product’s efficacy and characteristics remain unchanged. It is suitable for drinking water treatment and bathing water treatment.

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