Sodium/Calcium/Organic Bentonite Clay for Drilling/Paper/Ceramic

Our bentonite: Montmorillonite Clay content 85%-91%. calcium bentonite, sodium bentonite,organic bentonite, bleaching earth powder. which can be used to dirlling, paper, ceramic, glass so on.


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Main features of bentonite: 1. High concentration and pulping rate; 2. Excellent ability to transport drilling cuttings in suspension; 3. It has a long acting time and  keep the mud stable for a long time after mixing. 4. It can form a thin and dense filter cake layer to prevent mud leakage; 5. It can maintain the integrity of horizontal drilling to the maximum extent; 6. It can eliminate the hydration expansion of clay and shale, cement adhesion and prevent drilling tools from sticking.
1. Bentonite for casting: used as binder and adsorbent, suitable for casting, ceramics and environmental treatment.

2. Bentonite for slurry making: used as binder, suspending agent and absorbent, suitable for oil drilling, foundation engineering and construction cement.
3. Chemical bentonite: used as filling agent, thickener, suspending agent and decolorizing agent for papermaking, rubber, paint, ink, daily chemical industry, coating and textile.
4. Bentonite for feed: used as binder and adsorbent for feed of chicken, duck, goose, fish and pig.
5. Bentonite products for drilling.
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