Natural Quartz Sand Color Sand for Building Decorative


Natural color sand can be used for Building decoration, terrazzo aggregate, real stone paint, colored sand paint, etc.

Natural colored sand can be used to make marble, floor tile, ceramic tile and sanitary ware for decoration, etc.

Dyed colored sand can be used for sand bottle painting made, sand painting, kindergarten playground ground and so on.

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The colored sand is divided into natural colored sand, sintered colored sand, temporarily dyed colored sand and permanently dyed colored sand. Its characteristics are: bright color, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, color fastness. Natural colored sand: it is made of natural ore by crushing, not fading but with more impurities; temporary dyed colored sand: bright color, easy to decolorize.

Natural color sand
Natural colored sand is made of natural ore, which is not faded.

Production process
The technological process is generally as follows: crushing separation roughing selection air separation dust collection, etc. The main equipment for the production of colored sand by dry method includes stone chipping machine, pulverizer, vibrating screen, etc. the technological process is that the stone ore is processed into small stone by stone chipping machine, the stone is processed into sand by grinding machine, and then screened by vibrating screen. In the screening process, the iron is removed by magnet rod and magnetic iron discharge, and then it is put into storage after being separately packed.

The popular color is white color and black color. Mainly use for water filter, and Marble, floor tile produced, brick produced.

Dyed color sand is made by pigment, we have 66 colors, the color is stable and fresh. Mainly used for all kinds of color epoxy floor, sand bottle painting and sand painting.
Size: 6-10mesh, 10-20mesh, 20-40mesh, 40-80mesh and 80-120mesh.

Natural colored sand is natural in color and free of any dye. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, sun resistant and non discoloration.

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