Ion negative powder, tourmaline powder for garnet

Anion powder, which can release ion from 1000-70000 cm2/ion/s. it can be used to paint, garnet, glass, floor, brick, textile,mask, masterbatch so on, these years, ion negative product is more and more popular.  Adding a small amount of it, it can remove peculiar smell and purify gas.

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Negative ion powder, The main mechanism is that the combination of negative ions and bacteria can change the structure of bacteria or transfer the energy, resulting in the death of bacteria, and finally sink to the ground. Medical research shows that the particles with negative electricity in the air increase the oxygen content in the blood, which is conducive to the transportation, absorption and utilization of blood oxygen. It has the functions of promoting metabolism, improving immune ability, enhancing muscle energy and regulating the balance of body function. According to research, negative ions can inhibit, alleviate and assist the treatment of 7 systems and nearly 30 kinds of diseases, especially the health care of human body.
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