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Black tourmaline can produce far-infrared wave band, producting negative oxygen ions, and it has antibacterial and deodorizing effect. containing many indispensable trace elements in the body, such as copper, zinc, iron and so on.So it can be widely used in water purification, decoration, clothing, paint, cosmetics, etc.

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1. Balance the body's bioelectricity

Tourmaline always flows on the surface of the micro-current of 0.06mA which is basically consistent with the bioelectricity of the human body, which can supplement and adjust the bioelectricity of the human body at any time, so that the pathological potential can be restored to normal, thus playing the role of health and wellness.

2. Release far infrared rays

The far-infrared rays released by tourmaline can produce resonance effects of human cells and body fluid molecules, which can cause the expansion of capillaries and increase the speed of blood flow. Thereby increasing the body's oxygen content, activating protein and other macromolecular substances, thereby increasing tissue repair and regeneration capabilities, and improving collective immunity.

3. Release negative ions

The negative ions released by tourmaline can quickly improve air quality, promote cell metabolism, enhance cell vitality, soothe nerves, restore fatigue, and increase appetite. In addition, negative ions have been confirmed in the medical field to kill germs and purify the air.

4. Natural energy field activates cells

Tourmaline crystals are known as natural solar cells. It can absorb and store the sun's light energy and convert it into electric energy (bioelectricity) and heat energy (far-infrared) and release it to form an eternal energy field, which continuously supplies oxygen and energy to human cells.

5. Effectively block harmful electromagnetic waves

Tourmaline products can effectively block harmful electromagnetic waves, water pulse waves and other harmful radiation harmful to the human body.

6. It is rich in a variety of trace elements and regulates the physiological functions of the human body

The colorful tourmaline contains a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, which can regulate the body's metabolism and maintain the body's normal nutritional status and physiological functions.

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Prroduct Advantage:

Paper industry: 

Activate cells and improving immunity

Ceramic industry: 

Dredge the meridians and strengthen immunity

Act as filler: 

Detox and cleansing skin, eliminating toxin


Goods apllication


Comapny Advantage

The company is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 260 kilometers away from the capital. It currently involves 10 kaolin production lines with an annual output of 800,000 tons, sufficient supply and favorable prices. Strictly guarantee product quality, and have a complete quality supervision system and after-sales service system.


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