China Sepiolite Fiber for Brake pads

Application: It is used in drilling, petroleum, medicine, brewing, building materials, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, rubber products, brake, etc.

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Sepiolite fiber is a kind of natural mineral fiber, which is a fibrous variety of sepiolite mineral, called α - sepiolite. Sepiolite is a kind of layered chain silicate mineral. In the structure of sepiolite, a layer of magnesia octahedron is sandwiched between two silicon oxygen tetrahedrons, forming a 2:1 type layered structure unit. The tetrahedral layer is continuous and the direction of active oxygen in the layer is reversed periodically. The octahedral layer forms a channel arranged alternately between the upper and lower layers. The channel orientation is consistent with the fiber axis, allowing water molecules, metal cations, organic small molecules and so on to enter. Sepiolite has good heat resistance. Sepiolite also has good ion exchange and catalytic properties, as well as corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, insulation, heat insulation and other excellent properties, especially the Si Oh in its structure can react directly with organics to generate organic mineral derivatives.

Sepiolite is also widely used in the fields of purification, superfine processing and modification. Sepiolite can be used as adsorbent, purifier, deodorant, reinforcing agent, suspending agent, thixotropic agent, filler, etc. in water treatment, catalysis, rubber, coating, chemical fertilizer, feed and other industries. In addition, sepiolite has good salt resistance and high temperature resistance, so it can be used as high-quality drilling mud material in oil drilling, geothermal drilling and other aspects.

Sepiolite fiber belongs to mineral fiber, which is obtained from fibrous mineral rock. Its main components are various oxides, such as silica, alumina, magnesium oxide, etc. its main sources are all kinds of asbestos, such as chrysotile, bluestone cotton, etc. mineral fiber includes aluminum silicate fiber, glass fiber, gypsum fiber, carbon fiber, etc.

Technical indicators
1. average fiber length 1.0-3.5mm
2. Average diameter of fiber 3.0-8.0 μ M
3. fiber distribution 40 × 30 ~ 40% 60 × 40 ~ 60%
4. fiber burning vector (adjusted according to customer's needs) < 1% (800 ℃ / h)
5. slag ball content < 3%
6. fiber moisture content < 1.5%
7. fiber capacity 0.10-0.25g/cm3
8. asbestos component 0

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