White Pigment Titanium Dioxide Rutile Sand TiO2

Titanium dioxide: best white pigment powder for paint/cement/concrete/masterbatch/plastic so on.

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Titanium dioxide is a very important raw material in industrial production. It is used in paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber and other industries; it is used for welding electrodes, titanium extraction and the manufacture of titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide (nano-level) is widely used in white inorganic pigments such as functional ceramics, catalysts, cosmetics and photosensitive materials. It is the strongest coloring power among white pigments, has excellent hiding power and color fastness, and is suitable for opaque white products. The rutile type is especially suitable for plastic products used outdoors, and it can give the products good light stability. Anatase is mainly used for indoor products, but it has a slight blue light, high whiteness, large hiding power, strong coloring power and good dispersion.

1. TiO2(W%): 90;

2. Whiteness (compared with standard sample): 98%;

3. Oil absorption (g/100g): 23;

4. pH value: 7.0~9.5;

5. Volatile matter at 105°C (%): 0.5;

6. Tint reducing power (compared with standard sample): 95%;

7. Hiding power (g/m2): 45;

8. Residue on 325 mesh sieve: 0.05%;

9. Resistivity: 80Ω·m;

10. Average particle size: 0.30μm;

11. Dispersibility: 22μm;

12. Water soluble matter (W%): 0.5

13. Density 4.23

14. Boiling point 2900

15. Melting point 1855

16.Molecular formula: TiO2

17.Molecular weight: 79.87

18.CAS Registry Number: 13463-67-7

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