Wholesale Diatomite Powder Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade for oil

diatomite powder and diatomite graunles

food grade, industrial grade, chemical grade, pharmaceutical grade and agricultural grade .

diatomite powders / diatomaceous earth powders : white, grey and pink
diatomite graunles / diatomaceous earth graunles: orange, yellowish

Condiments: monosodium glutamate sauce vinegar.
Beverage industry: beer, white wine, yellow wine, wine, tea, tea beverage and syrup.
Sugar industry: fructose syrup, high fructose syrup, sugar syrup, sugar beet sugar beet sugar honey.
Medicine: antibiotic synthetic plasma extract of vitamin a Chinese medicine.
Water treatment: water industry wastewater of water industry, swimming pool water bath water; Industrial oil products: lubricating oil additive machine plus cooling oil transformer oil metal plate foil rolling oil.
Other: enzyme preparation plant oil seaweed gel electrolyte liquid milk products citric gelatin bone glue.


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