Hollow Microsphere Cenosphere for Oil Drilling

Cenosphere(floating bead) is a kind of fly ash hollow ball which can float on the water surface. It is gray white, thin and hollow with light weight. Its volume weight is 720kg / m3 (heavy weight), 418.8kg/m3 (light weight), particle size is about 0.1mm, its surface is closed and smooth, its thermal conductivity is small, and its fire resistance is ≥ 1610 ℃. It is a good temperature keeping refractory material, widely used in the production of light castables and oil drilling.

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The chemical composition of the Cenosphere(floating bead) is mainly silica and aluminum oxide, which has many characteristics such as fine particle, hollow, light weight, high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation, insulation and flame retardant. It is one of the raw materials widely used in the fire industry.

Size: 60-200mesh

1. For fire-resistant insulation materials
2. Building decoration, high-grade pavement, roof waterproof and thermal insulation coating, road engineering, modified asphalt, etc;
3. Oil industry: oil field cementing, pipeline anti-corrosion and heat preservation, subsea oil field, floating device, oil well drilling mud reducer, oil and gas transmission pipeline, etc.
4. Plastic activation filler, high temperature and high pressure insulator, etc;
5. Paint, ink, adhesive, stealth coating, insulating paint, anticorrosive paint, floor paint, high temperature resistant fireproof paint, interior and exterior wall paint, thermal insulation paint, floor paint, automobile putty, atomic ash, etc;
6. Automobile trim, instrument panel, home appliance shell, fan, speaker, lamp main bearing, casting, gear, structure, zipper, pipe, plate, etc;
7. All kinds of FRP products, artificial marble, FRP ships, crafts, etc;
8. Transformer filling and sealing materials, electronic packaging materials, etc;
9. Foam metal is made from light metals such as aluminum and magnesium. Compared with the matrix alloy, the composite material has the characteristics of low density, high specific strength and high rigidity, good damping property and wear resistance.

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