• Salt brick

    Salt brick

    Salt brick can be used as the floor and wall of salt therapy room, lamp slot and corner decoration. It can also be used for salt lamp and hot pack as filler.

  • Cheap price salt brick

    Cheap price salt brick

    The characteristics of crystal salt stone: It is rich in dozens of minerals and trace elements needed by the human body. Himalayan crystal salt contains more than 98% sodium fluoride, and the remaining elements include iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, aluminum, zinc, gallium, silicon, etc. The need for minerals is a veritable “salt”. has a perfect crystal structure, which contains powerful energy. After hundreds of millions of years of squeezing, it presents a perfect crystal ...
  • Graphite Flake

    Graphite Flake

    Application: Flake graphite is widely used in advanced refractories and coatings for gold treatment industry, As the functional filler of coating, flake graphite is mainly used in anticorrosive coating, fireproof coating and conductive coating.

  • Earthy Graphite

    Earthy Graphite

    Application: Earthy graphite is widely used in casting coating, oil field drilling, battery carbon rod, steel, casting material, refractory material, dye, fuel, electrode paste, as well as the ingredients of pencil, electrode, battery, graphite emulsion, desulfurizer, preservative, antiskid agent, smelting carburizer, ingot casting slag, graphite bearing and other products.

  • Tourmaline Ball

    Tourmaline Ball

    Tourmaline ball, also known as tourmaline ceramsite, tourmaline mineralized ball and tourmaline ceramic ball, is a new kind of material obtained by sintering tourmaline, high-quality clay and other basic materials.

  • Maifan Stone Ball

    Maifan Stone Ball

    Application: widely used in medical and health care, food health care, environmental protection, water quality improvement and beverage, brewing, medicine, deodorant, crop and flower cultivation, poultry breeding, aquaculture and other industries.

  • Sodium Bentonite

    Sodium Bentonite

    Bentonite is a kind of water bearing clay ore mainly composed of montmorillonite, because of its special properties. Such as: swelling, cohesiveness, adsorption, catalysis, thixotropy, suspension, cation exchange, etc.

    PH value 8.9-10

  • Organic Bentonite

    Organic Bentonite

    Property: The main characteristics of organic bentonite are swelling, high dispersion and thixotropy.

  • Active Clay

    Active Clay

    Application: It can make vegetable oil, mineral oil, animal oil, enzyme, monosodium glutamate, polyether, sugar, wine and other adsorption decolorization.

    In chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries as filter agent, catalyst, adsorbent, desiccant, deodorizer, water purification agent, sewage treatment agent, decolorizer, etc.

  • Vermiculite Flake

    Vermiculite Flake

    Vermiculite flake is the name of vermiculite raw ore and the general name of unexpanded vermiculite. After the vermiculite is mined out, the impurities are removed, and the surface of vermiculite is flaky. Therefore, it called vermiculite flake, which is also called raw ore vermiculite, raw vermiculite, raw vermiculite, unexpanded vermiculite and non foamed vermiculite.

  • Wollastonite powder for Plastic

    Wollastonite powder for Plastic

    Application:Wollastonite powder has needle-like, fibrous crystal morphology, high whiteness and unique physical and chemical properties. It is widely used in ceramics, paints, coatings, plastics, rubber, chemicals, papermaking, welding electrodes, metallurgical protective slag and as asbestos substitutes, etc. 

  • China Factory Bauxite for Sale

    China Factory Bauxite for Sale

    Application:Bauxite is widely used in aluminum smelting industry, precision casting, refractory industry, aluminum silicate fire-proof fiber, cement industry, abrasive materials and ceramics industry. 

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